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#tbt to this time last year when I was in NOLA. Making the journey again with @showahtell in May! #nola #whodat  (at Jackson Square)
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I saw Willie Nelson play. So there’s that. #sxsw  (at Willie Nelson’s Heartbreaker Banquet)
Making me a ukulele from a cigar box. #diy
Spooky night time driving. The Blair Witch is gonna get me. #maryland #home
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#regram from @rafikiwilliams. I grew up by this bridge. I miss MD even with the zero degree weather. #maryland #pointofrocks #potomac

POZ Showcase: Stillglow



Stillglow is an energetic rock ‘n roll band from Maryland, drawing influences from Finch and The Bled. If The Venetia Fair had a bastard love child raised on heavy music, the result would be Stillglow’s high-octane blend of punk rock, indie, and hardcore. The band’s latest EP, “Hollow Verse,” is available for purchase on vinyl. 

For Fans Of: The Bled, letlive., Being as an Ocean
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by Ashley Aron

Please list all of your band members and their roles in the band.
Dan Haight- Guitar & Vocals
Hunter Lidbeck- Drums & Vocals
Chris Perry- Bass & Vocals

What’s your hometown (or what are your hometowns)?
We’re all from the greater Frederick, Maryland area. We reside in different areas around Frederick, but when we get asked we normally say Mount Airy or Frederick.

How did the band come together? How long has it been?
The band came together in 2002 with Dan, who is the only original member now, and two other members. It’ll be 12 years in 2014. While that number is big, in my opinion (Chris), Stillglow didn’t start on its current journey and who we are now until I joined in 2007. 

How have you grown since you started?
I think since I joined, we have grown so much as friends and as musicians. Before 2007, Stillglow played lots of shows locally and only did a few weekender tours a year. It wasn’t until after I joined that we started doing longer tours, writing more (and better) music, playing almost 200+ shows a year, and took the time to plan what we wanted the future of Stillglow tobe

What sets you apart from other bands?
I think one of the biggest things that sets us apart from other bands is we have no ulterior agenda when playing shows or writing music. I feel that being a band that fronts a “gimmick” is becoming the norm. We see this a lot at all types of shows. Bands act like they don’t care from stage, or they’re too tough or hardcore, or they’re so focused on their “stage moves” and sucking up to a bigger band.  While they’re doing all that, they’re missing the entire point of why music is here. 

When we play shows, we give it 100%.  We take time to talk to people after the show, watch all of the bands playing, and we strive to be authentic people in our words and actions.  It’s always easy to talk trash on the opening bands or make fun of people losing their jimmies to the “bigger” band, but we always find the positive things to dwell on rather than the easily found negative things. 

What’s the best part about being in your band?
Besides being able to play the music the WE want to play, the best thing is getting to meet all sorts of crazy, awesome, whacko, yet caring and lovely people while on tour. They simply accept and love us for who we are.  There just really isn’t anything else like experience that while being on tour. 

More times than not, influences tend to bleed through. What bands are currently inspiring the music that you’re making?
This is one of the hardest questions to answer and have people believe us. Dan and I listen to such a variety of music. Hunter is more a reserved listener but whatever Dan and I don’t get into as much (some hip-hop/rap, jazz, funk), Hunter does and brings that into the mix. The bands that we’ve been related to the most this past year have been Refused, letlive., and Glassjaw. It’s always really encouraging to have people compare those bands to us because they are some of our favorites. 

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